What I Fear The Most

What I Fear The Most

Last August, we sold our house (and a lot of other junk!) in the Washington DC area, and followed our dreams by moving to Boulder, Colorado. One of the things that excited me most about moving to this area was the prospect of becoming part of the strong community that exists of bloggers, photographers and incredible handmade shops. We made it our aim to somehow connect with this wonderful body of people. This is how we found Andrea, a creative blogger (and incredible momma!) from the Denver area.  She shared some thoughtful, and transparent, words about motherhood with us that we just had to share with the rest of the world.


What I Fear Most / Andrea Coonrod

Watching my daughter twirl round and round until she falls on her bum is one of those bittersweet moments in life.

Not only does she twirl again.

She twirls again because she's having fun. Because why wouldn't she? 

One of my biggest fears is that one day she won't twirl anymore. One day she will wake up and forget what brings her joy.

No matter what person or challenge may come her way I hope that I can instill security and confidence in her to always march to the beat of her own drum. To never let anything make her unhappy for too long because sadness has a scary way of staying longer than we'd like it to. 

I hope that she never loses the feeling she felt in these photos.  Adventuring through the fields of her great grandma's farm. Twirling as much as she possibly can in her favorite dress. Picking flowers for her mama. Mooo-ing at the cows in the pasture. And giggling while yelling "mommy look at me." Oh, my sweet child I will never stop looking at you and admiring your twirl.

Whatever she does in life. I hope she does it because it makes her happy.

Because it makes her twirl.


A little more about the author...
Andrea is a life and style blogger who adores fashion that is unique, stylish, and fun. She has an incredibly charming hubby and two sweet girls (ages 2.5 years + 3 months). Blogging has opened her up to talking about the hilarious daily mishaps of motherhood, connecting with amazing brands and women. Outside of blogging she is a speech therapist assistant and is incredibly passionate about connecting with those she is able to work with. She loves adventuring in the beautiful surrounding areas of Colorado on hikes just as much as she loves a rainy day in her pajamas on the couch.
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