12 Days of Christmas

Pleiades 12 Days of Christmas calendar

Starting December 1st, we are going to unveil a surprise sale, giveaway, auction or new release every single day for twelve days!

What Can You Expect To See?

You can expect to see some amazing giveaways, one of a kind pieces as well as some very limited releases that include gorgeous hand sewn and custom dyed details. 

When Will You See It?

Each surprise will be unveiled at 12PM EST every day between December 1st - 12th

Where Will You See It?

We will announce each surprise right here on this page (see the calendar below!) and on Instagram.

How Can You Purchase Items?

Sales, giveaways, auctions and releases will be available on our website, Instagram or Facebook. We'll let you know every day at 12PM EST!

A Custom Dress

On the last day of Christmas we are bringing back custom dresses to one lucky person. We are offering one custom spot! Let’s make some magic together. Visit our Instagram post for more details.