Martha's Tea Party Shortie
Martha's Tea Party Shortie Martha's Tea Party Shortie
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Martha's Tea Party Shortie

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The most glorious large scale pink roses adorned this perfect vintage print . This vintage floral pattern has been matched up with a light pink collar and polished  with a dark pink cotton hem. This nostalgic piece is finished with pockets and vegan leather pink straps.  This dress is a loving reminder of child like wonder. 

** Care instructions:  Hand wash or machine wash cold, line dry.

* This item is constructed from vintage textiles.  All vintage textiles may come with small imperfections due to age and wear.  This includes but is not limited to small pills in material, micro holes and sometimes faint discoloration.  We do our best to find these imperfections before using material but sometimes they are impossible to spot in a floral pattern.  Please note that all vintage items as not subject to returns or credit due to quality of material.