A Survivor’s Guide to Vacation Re-Entry

A Survivor’s Guide to Vacation Re-Entry

Last weekend we packed up the family and embarked on a little adventure to Moab, Utah in pursuit of an epic Pleiades photoshoot.  Selfishly, I wanted to take my kids to a place I had enjoyed so much as a child. It absolutely blew away every expectation I had and exceeded my wildest dreams!  My little ones enjoyed cool spring hikes with spectacular orange, red and sage backdrops. It inspired in them a genuine appreciation and love for something bigger and more important than PJ Masks, slime and fidget spinners (Praise Jesus!).

We met up with an incredibly talented photographer, a fantastic shoot coordinator and a handful of beautiful little models on our second night to show off our new Flower Girl Collection in one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world.  The photos we are showing off here are pure magic.  The trip as a whole was one I will never forget, one I believe my children will never forget and something that will go in the books.

But, that’s about where the magic ended.
It all started to fall apart the second we got home. No, what I mean is, literally the second we walked in the door my 6 year old dropped and broke his special rock from the gift shop. Moments later, my 4 year old broke her necklace from said gift shop. Approximately 47 seconds after that, my 6 year old (remember him?) accidentally broke his necklace. This is about the point they screamed and demanded through irrational tears that "mommy get back in the car right now and drive back for a new one."  Yep.
I wish this was all.
While my husband and I were consoling (and rationalizing) with the older kids, my two year old pee’d on the stairs.  It was right at the top of the stairs, so pee flowed like a waterfall down the steps and splattered onto the furniture in our living room.  And, yes, of course I slipped on it.
It doesn’t stop there.
As soon as the pee was cleaned up and our children’s tears were drying from the broken souvineer incident of 2018, my two year old casually walked into the kitchen (still pantless) and said quite matter of factly, "I barfed on mommy’s bed.”
Yes, yes she did.
Re-entry from family vacations can be hard.  Like, way harder than you imagine.  It's not just hard to go back to work the next day, but just getting in the door can be an exceptional challenge.  From one mom to another, remind me of this next time I bring our babies on a photoshoot trip...
Oh, and PS: we will be shooting in Palm Springs in two weeks, and bringing the kids. Fingers crossed things go smoother this time around!

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  • Super pretty! Sorry about all the chaos!

    Stephanie Piscitelli on
  • Yes! So much truth. Thanks for the laugh.

    Lee on

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