A Letter To The Person That Marries My Daughter

A Letter To The Person That Marries My Daughter

Pleiades started shortly after I became infatuated with sewing and designing unique dresses for my daughters. It came from this motherly instinct to create something special and set apart for them, to give them the best that I could. This value has guided us ever since. So, when we met Laura Parker and heard her powerful message, we simply had to share. 

LEAVE HER WILD / Laura Parker

I have been waiting for you. Not in a waiting sort of way, but in the I knew you would be here one day. This day is so far into the future but with anything that needs a lot of thought (and trust me who you marry requires a lot of thought) I have started thinking of you now. Long before my daughter actually will.
You see this girl you love we created from the very cells within us. As I am sure you know how babies come to be. She blossomed out of our relationship and is a tangible product of our love. She is our "I love you" personified.

When I look at her I see my husband's trusting brown eyes. I see her fierce determination to accomplish new skills and the joy that erupts on her face like fireworks when she does. While she holds so much of ourselves in her, she is also so assuredly her own self. So when it comes to pledging forever, this is what I ask of you:
Listen to her
When she gets a gleam in her eye or starts talking really fast about something. Listen. It excites her. Manifest her energy into your own. When she is sad or frustrated. Listen to her silence. Be a hand on the small of her back and outstretched arms to collapse into.
Engage with her
Does she love adventures? Plan trips and get lost together. Be present and engaging in her passions and in return she will do the same. Does something in your day remind you of her? Tell her. Remind her that day in and day out you choose her.
Dream with her
Dream with her. BIG. Let it scare you. Work hard for what you want and the success will follow. Nothing worth having comes without determination and hard work. Become supports to one another in struggles and cheerleaders in accomplishments.
Laugh with her

Embrace the silly. Let your ribs ache often. Dance when there is no music. Giggle in quiet rooms. Reach for her hand when your heart is so full it feels like it will burst. Kiss her. 
Advise her but let her make her own choices. Support her, cry with her, create with her. Be someone she can always talk to, lean on or tell a secret to. Be her anchor when times get tough, her sails when she needs protection and her compass when she needs guidance. Respect her, admire her and appreciate her. Tell her she is the most beautiful girl in the room.
Above all else love her like we do, without reservation nor hesitation, exactly as she is.
Love her but leave her wild.


Laura's daughter in ballerina dress

Laura's little one is pictured here wearing our Layla Ballerina Dress. To see more from Laura Parker, check out Happily Ever Parker!

Meet the incredible author, Laura.

I’m Laura! When I am not clocking into my 9-5 I am busy running a photography business, Laura Parker Photography, blogging over at Happily Ever Parker and being the mother to an almost four year old little lady, Presley, in addition to preparing for the birth of our second child in April! A little about me, I have an irrational fear of bears attacking me, I am happiest next to the ocean and we hardly ever leave our house without our beloved rescue dog, Finn. I lovingly call the San Francisco Bay Area home and my family and I truly enjoy all the amazing adventures that California has to offer - minus that high real estate price tag :)

When I returned to work after my daughter’s birth in 2014 I struggled with the transition of being a working mom. That led me to pursuing other avenues that would help me provide for my family and is how photography entered my life. My hobby turned into a passion which now fuels a thriving business and I am so grateful for all the opportunities it has provided my family as well as allowing me to create and challenge myself daily.



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