Holiday Fashion To Get You Through The Season

Holiday Fashion To Get You Through The Season

When I was little my parents took me to see the Nutcracker in Denver. I’ll admit, I was a little opposed to the idea at first. By that, of course, I mean I was a total nightmare. But, in my defense… my mom insisted I wear a scratchy corduroy dress and tights and leave the house on a cold December night so we could go to a super crowded venue.

So, who could blame me?

All that said, things changed once the performance began. I remember how awestruck I felt by the movement of the dancers, the richness of the music, the striking costumes… the delicious snacks during intermission.

It’s one of those memories that I still return to in my mind during the holiday season. It reminds me of the delight and joy-filled wonder of my childhood.

It makes me smile.

As a mom, one of my greatest responsibilities I find joy in is that I get to help shape these kind of memories for my own little ones, and the holidays are such a special time for that. Whether it be the grandeur of a ballet performance, the charm of a meal with friends and family, or the excitement of choosing that perfect Christmas tree, these are moments that will continue to fill the heart of my kids for years to come.

Whatever it is that you do this holiday, know that you are making memories. So, let’s make it grand.

As a designer of children’s clothing, one my greatest joys is that I get to create beautiful things to enrich the memories of other children. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite dresses and accessories that your little one can wear for any and all events you have planned this holiday season.


  1. Sweater - Cozy up with this handknit pullover sweater made of 100% Merino wool.
  2. Gingham Holiday Belle Dress - A visit to the Christmas tree lot is definitely in order.
  3. Boots - The perfect cold weather boot that is both durable and stylin’.
  4. Bows - It’s velvet season, ya’ll!
  5. Velvet Holiday Belle Dress - Elegant and dainty with a touch of pizazz.
  6. Jacket - Have no fear of any flying snowballs while fashioning this adorable winter staple.
  7. Tights - Perfect paired with one of our Holiday Belle dresses to keep the goosebumps away.
  8. Shoes - Mary Jane style flats well suited for touring the holiday lights.

Don’t forget, our Holiday Belle Dresses release Friday, November 2nd at 12PM EST!


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  • Hi vivian! Yes this dress will be coming back in early December. So glad you like it

    pleiades on
  • Will the red velvet dress come back? We need this for Christmas

    vivian on

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