Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Show

Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Show

I was so honored and thrilled to debut some of our new and established styles at Denver Fashion Week in November. It was a surreal experience throughout the day for the whole Pleiades gang. The models were true princesses, and to see the look on their mother’s faces when they stepped into their gorgeous handmade dresses was absolutely priceless.

While our Pleiades models were in the spotlight (and stole the show!), the real magic of the evening was watching the love, encouragement and support of their parents.

From the sidelines of the runway we saw how well you love your girls. We saw it in Alex’s confidence, in Anastyn’s joy, in Emily’s sweet spirit and in Amber’s drive. It was apparent in Shylee’s kind eyes, in Alika’s smile from ear to ear, in Amara’s focus and Atiyana’s poise. It was clear in Kennedy’s free spirit, in Layla’s gentleness, in Rhylan’s strength and in Alexa’s bubbling excitement.

I know some of that is her own unique spirit, but we know a whole lot of that is the love you pour into her. Undoubtedly, there are figures behind these dainty souls that are constantly encouraging, lifting up and loving on. I believe each time a girl feels that kind of love she has a runway experience of her own.

It was an absolute joy to share in the show with everyone and celebrate creativity and hard work. A big thank you to Ashley Crown Co. and Under The Evergreen for the handmade crowns  and to Maya’s Curls for the custom floral hair clips that pulled together the look so perfectly. Thank you to all of the parents out there that give your daughters a runway experience daily. And thank you to all for your love and support of Pleiades Designs.

Coming up in early December, some of our one of a kind pieces that made their debut at Denver Fashion Week will be auctioned off for our 12 Days of Christmas. We will also have some very limited and special releases that include hand sewn on details and custom dyed pieces. Stay tuned for some beautifully crafted dresses coming your way!

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