The Future is Female

The Future is Female

The Blackbird Project is a collection of designers, makers, creators and artists who are trying to raise the creative bar in children’s fashion. Periodically, The Blackbird Project hosts project runway-style challenges and themed showcases featuring a diverse lineup of designers. When we found out that The Blackbird Project was challenging designers to create pieces centered on the theme “the future is female” we knew it was something we needed to be a part of.  

Our inspiration for this showcase came from someone that we believe is truly the future of fashion design, 8 year old Addy.

We worked with Addy to design and create two dresses that are, quite honestly, a work of art!  We invited Addy and a couple of her friends to our studio to design these two pieces together, and the results were pure magic.

Here you can see her process of brainstorming ideas from our theme, initial sketches and decision choices, to modeling her own creation.

the flower power dress by Addie

the addy dress by Addy

How amazing is she??

Addy also sat down with us to share a little about her passion for design. As you can see from the photos above and the interview below, Addy is a beautiful reminder that our little girls are wonderfully gifted, remarkably creative and a real positive force in this world!

When did you start getting interested in designing clothes?
I started drawing clothes when I was 6. I kept seeing clothes that I thought were cool and I thought I could make things like what I saw.
What is it about drawing and designing dresses that you like so much?
It’s a lot of fun for me to draw dresses, I get to make it whatever I want. I like getting to show people the designs I have made and hearing what people think about my designs.
Where do you find your inspiration for designing?
I look at what other people have made. Paris inspires me, I like the buildings and food. California also inspires me, I like the flowers and plants. I like to design clothes that remind me of those places.
Who inspires you and why? Who do you look up to?
My mom inspires me because she is an artist and I dream of being an artist one day. I look up to my daddy because he does really important stuff like helping people.
What are some of your favorite colors to design with?
Red, yellow, blue - because they are the primary colors.
What makes you feel brave?
My family makes me feel brave.
What other things do you like to do?
I like to play at the park, read, and do math.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
The power to freeze stuff, because my favorite princess is Elsa and ice makes everything have sparkles.
If you could design a dream collection, what kind of things would you do?                                                     
I would make a Paris collection. I would make a dress with the Eiffel Tower and fountains. I would make pants, skirts, and shirts that remind me of Paris.
How does it make you feel to wear a dress that you helped design?
It feels really cool and I’m proud of what I made. 


We will be offering the pieces that Addy designed on Tuesday, March 5th at 9PM EST exclusively through The Blackbird Project Facebook Group.

The Flower Power dress was a concept formed by Addy, with fabric selections made with the support of her friends who came to our studio to design together.  Addy's talented mother, Taryn McElvany, helped bring her concept to life by providing the original artwork for the skirt.

The “Addy" dress is composed of the most beautiful silk textiles in shades of coral and pink. Addy picked these colors and textures herself as she wanted something feminine, strong and bright.

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