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Three friends going back to school wearing the Fall Rainbow Dresses

Our Fall Accessory Faves

As our kids head off to school, I want them to feel confident and unique. Our 2018 Fall Rainbow Collection pays homage to our exclusive rainbow print, but now in beautiful earth tones, gorgeous plums, warm cinnamons and muted pinks...

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Laura Parker photo - blog feature image

A Letter To The Person That Marries My Daughter

Hello, I have been waiting for you. Not in a waiting sort of way, but in the I knew you would be here one day. This day is so far into the future but with anything that needs a lot of thought (and trust me who you marry requires a lot of thought) I have started thinking of you now. Long before my daughter actually will...

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How It All Began

I will never forget the night of our first release.  After months of work, branding, designing, setting up a website and social media we were ready to sell products to the world. That night only one piece sold… and it sold to a good friend who wanted to encourage us.  Bless her heart.  My heart however sank and I literally laid on the kitchen floor and cried....

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