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inside the pleiades studio. There are big wooden beams, dresses on racks, a big antique mirror, and pastel colored chairs.

Home, Sweet Home!

Welcome to the new Pleiades headquarters!  Moving into Saint Ida has been such a huge transition for the Pleiades team. For 2.5 years we worked out of a basement, and while we are so grateful for our humble beginnings, it was clear we were growing out of our little studio...

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Denver Fashion Week photo - blog feature image

Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Show

While our Pleiades models were in the spotlight (and stole the show!), the real magic of the evening was watching the love, encouragement and support of their parents. From the sidelines of the runway we saw how well you love your girls. We saw it in...

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Moab photoshoot - blog feature image

A Survivor’s Guide to Vacation Re-Entry

It all started to fall apart the second we got home. No, what I mean is, literally the second we walked in the door my 6 year old dropped and broke his special rock from the gift shop. Moments later, my 4 year old broke her necklace from said gift shop. Approximately 47 seconds after that, my 6 year old (remember him?) accidentally broke his necklace. This is about the point they screamed and demanded through irrational tears that "mommy get back in the car right now and drive back for a new one."  Yep...

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Joy Green photo - blog feature image

What It Takes to Start A Blogging Career

Community might mean different things to different people, but there seems to be one thing we can all agree on… We need it, we cherish it, and to many of us moms, we live and die by the community that surrounds us. The community that makes our days not only bearable, but filled with joy...

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