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Pleiades Designs Sea Glass Stella from the Traveling Dress Collective Blog

Pleiades Designs & The Traveling Dress

Pleiades has always been about capturing the magic of childhood in each and every dress we create. The Sea Glass Stella Story created by The Traveling Dress Collective shows that so perfectly. That is why this blog was one of our favorite highlights of 2019. See how our Sea Glass Stella traveled around the world on one special adventure...

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Pleiades Designs holiday christmas rainbow dress

5 Easy Ways to Give Intentional, Handmade Gifts this Holiday Season

It can be so difficult finding gifts for my little ones that are the perfect combination of something they actually want, and something that will be beautiful in my home. To help you with some last minute gifts that you will actually want to give, we have rounded up the top 5 finds that are all ethically made, environmentally conscious, and intentional purchases that support beautiful small shops...

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A child posing wearing the black velvet belle a extra large bow on her head

Trick-Or-Treat! Halloween Costume Ideas That You Won't Want To Miss

Growing up, one of my favorite parts of fall was dreaming up what my Halloween costume would be. We have designed timeless dresses that you can turn into creative costumes for Halloween. Here are few accessories that, when paired with our Velvet Belles, will make for a perfect night full of trick-or-treating and making fall memories. 

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Three friends getting with back to school supplies wearing the pastel shorties

Back To School Round-Up

We have picked out a few school day essentials with you in mind! We hope these items inspire and help you and your little one look forward to the new school year approaching...

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