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Pleiades Designs Sea Glass Stella from the Traveling Dress Collective Blog

Pleiades Designs & The Traveling Dress

Pleiades has always been about capturing the magic of childhood in each and every dress we create. The Sea Glass Stella Story created by The Traveling Dress Collective shows that so perfectly. That is why this blog was one of our favorite highlights of 2019. See how our Sea Glass Stella traveled around the world on one special adventure...

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A child dancing around a birthday cake wearing the unicorn chiffon dress

Our Top 10 Favorite Moments

Pleiades turned 3 this week! As we often do with life's big milestones, we have been reflecting on all the wonderful moments that have brought us to where we are today and are filled with so much gratitude. So, we want to share with you our top 10 favorite moments from the last 3 years of Pleiades...

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Purple Rainbow photos - blog feature image

Rainbow Accessories Your Kids Will Love

We reached out to one of our favorite fashion experts to help find the best rainbow accessories out there. She has rounded up a few of her favorite rainbow products for kids. She found a handful of cute rainbow pieces for your little one to wear as well as some things for them to use or play with...

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