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Pleiades Designs Sea Glass Stella from the Traveling Dress Collective Blog

Pleiades Designs & The Traveling Dress

Pleiades has always been about capturing the magic of childhood in each and every dress we create. The Sea Glass Stella Story created by The Traveling Dress Collective shows that so perfectly. That is why this blog was one of our favorite highlights of 2019. See how our Sea Glass Stella traveled around the world on one special adventure...

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A Survivor’s Guide to Vacation Re-Entry

It all started to fall apart the second we got home. No, what I mean is, literally the second we walked in the door my 6 year old dropped and broke his special rock from the gift shop. Moments later, my 4 year old broke her necklace from said gift shop. Approximately 47 seconds after that, my 6 year old (remember him?) accidentally broke his necklace. This is about the point they screamed and demanded through irrational tears that "mommy get back in the car right now and drive back for a new one."  Yep...

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