A child dancing around a birthday cake wearing the unicorn chiffon dress

Our Top 10 Favorite Moments

Pleiades turned 3 this week! As we often do with life's big milestones, we have been reflecting on all the wonderful moments that have brought us to where we are today and are filled with so much gratitude. So, we want to share with you our top 10 favorite moments from the last 3 years of Pleiades...

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mom and children dancing in a field wearing the classic rainbow dresses

Yes, You Are A Good Mom

The few things that seem to go “wrong” can easily make us lose sight of all that is going right. We can lose sight of the wins. The endless ways we are truly loving and guiding and teaching and serving and giving. This Mother’s Day we want to help remind all of our Pleiades mama’s how incredible you are and take a moment to celebrate that...

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two friends holding hands. One is wearing the pastel rainbow ballerina and the other is wearing the pastel chiffon shortie

The Very Best Candy-Free Easter Basket

With Easter coming up we have put together a thoughtfully curated "Easter basket" that will feed the minds and hearts of your little ones. All of these shops deliver beautiful, responsibly made products that are bound to put a smile on your little one’s face...

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A child wearing the Tiana dress looking into the sun

What a Princess is Made Of

There is something about Disney princesses that inspire our little girls. The way they twirl so effortlessly, speak with elegance, and always have such poise - and I mean they also have some pretty fantastic dresses in their wardrobe. A fancy twirly princess dress does more than just make her look like a princess- it makes her feel like one too. All the qualities that Belle, Cinderella, Tiana and Rapunzel portray she also believes are within her just by stepping into a beautifully crafted design. She walks with shoulders back looking for anyone in her path to help, twirls with...

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